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World War Z

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War - Max Brooks

If you've read my review of Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick, you would know that my interest in zombie apocalypse fiction has been heightened thanks to The Walking Dead. Thanks to fantastic stories behind different fictional apocalypses, my reading interests in the genre have expanded. This inevitably led me to World War Z.

The 'history' of World War Z is told through a series of interviews and first-hand recounts of people who lived through ten years of zombie war, twelve years since VA Day. There are stories from throughout the world - nowhere was untouched by the devastation wrought by the living dead. I thought this was a unique way to present original fiction and slowly, before I knew it, I was reading it as if it was a nonfiction reflection of the war years - something that happened many years before and we should not forget.

The line between fact and fiction felt so blurred to me. It seems silly, I know. But the accounts given by those who lived through it were written with such conviction and of course, the human factor. All the mistakes and triumphs, the shock and grief, humanity bonding together against a common enemy, I'm not going to lie. I found it moving and heart warming, especially when in those final chapters we are given a few small glimpses of hope.

This book however still falls short of a 4 star read because after a while I missed the familiarity of a developing storyline and the presence of characters to get attached to. I enjoyed the anecdotes and varying perspectives on the war but I think there's a lot of potential for Brooks to expand into a series of novels set during World War Z as I find it a fantastic premise. Also a bit disappointed in the back of Australian representation (the one character interviewed in Sydney was actually in space for the whole war so I feel like he missed out) but I should be used to that by now!