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Eleven - James  Phelan

Third book into the series and I'm still intrigued where this is going. We got a little more detail in this one about the Professor, Jack and the Dreamers which was good - I actually like explanations for things like this! I want to understand why things are the way they are but in these books things have happened so quickly there hasn't been time for it. Sam locates another of the Last 13 - who has been there almost all along. I thought this may be a little too easy until I considered the "nature vs. nurture" argument that is discussed in the book and figured that in the circumstances, it does make sense.

Alex is starting to get on my nerves, and Eva seems to be in a bit of a mood because she's being told to stay put. Eva, there is a reason you don't go out climbing mountains by yourself in the middle of the night! Sigh. I hate stupid characters and as we now have the books from both of their perspectives now as well as Sam's I hope it improves!

The only other thing is I don't think any of the characters are emotionally mature enough for what they're doing, which definitely shows. I only hope their guidance under the Professor, Lora and Dr. Dark keeps them on the right track.