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Keeping secrets can be hard...

Secret - Brigid Kemmerer

I didn't realise I was anticipating the next Elementals book until I heard it had been released and I rushed down to Dymocks to get myself a copy. These books have a weird hold on me, maybe because I feel they have so much potential and could at any moment get better and live up to my high standards - and I don't want to miss that!

Secret is Nick's story, one I have been looking forward to, and includes the novella Breathless which is such important and crucial reading to understanding the events of Secret that I don't understand why it wasn't worked into the main novel. In this book we see a different side to Nick, having only seen him as his brothers and Hunter see him. Some of his behaviour seemed out of character for him - I would never have expected Nick to be so aggressive and violent, particularly towards people he cared about. He also was very rash and for someone who has never judged anyone else, I found his expectation that his brothers would judge him harshly for his choices not particularly fair towards them and again out of character for him. Also, it really lets me down when I see students letting things like relationships affect their studies - I would have thought he knew better. And yet we never see him working to make up his bad marks. This disappoints me so much! His judgment of situations since he recognised himself as gay and started seeing Adam was really oversensitive of him - Gabriel thought it was 'creepy' that Adam was hitting on him because he thought Nick had a girlfriend and wasn't interested and so that behaviour was inappropriate. But Nick jumped up and down and freaked out. CALM DOWN NICK. You're supposed to be good at reading situations, now you're just getting crazy.

As for Quinn - her home life is not ideal and she should not have to live with that. However her little routine of 'poor me nobody loves me but if they try to help I should tell them to get lost and/or offer them sex and then act offended when they just want to help me and why doesn't Becca care about me anymore' - holy crap that got old really quick! If you don't tell anyone other than creepy kind of stalker guy Tyler Morgan what's going on, nobody is going to know and then nobody will ask you or help you. Sometimes if you have to put away your pride and get help, and if you don't want to do that don't complain! She frustrated me so much. And I don't understand why she got so mad at Becca for not telling her what she was - Becca's whole world has turned upside down and Quinn didn't even care, only that she didn't know. And I still don't get why Nick told her. The whole town is going to know at this rate!

I don't particularly like Tyler, but I think his revelation as a full Elemental is interesting. This is the part of the story I enjoy the most and what keeps me reading, the Elemental part. I'm intrigued as to what it will all come down to in the last book. I'm predicting a full out war and some amazing action scenes, hopefully not too much romance because I'm sick of the girls in these books.

3.5 stars.