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"No one is here except all of us"

No One is Here Except All of Us - Ramona Ausubel

I will be honest. My first thought on reading the synopsis of this book was "that idea is a bit far-fetched." But then I realised that I didn't live in that time, and I don't know what it must have been like to face the possible idea of your people being annihilated. As I read, I found how desperate the people of the village were to stay alive in their remote corner of the world. I can hardly blame them for trying to start again. At some point in our lives I would say most of us had a moment when we wanted to start all over again.

The story, the prose, the writing is beautiful, almost like poetry - it moved me and shook me up and at times, I found my heart breaking just a little, like in moments where Lena asked "how old am I?"


Beautiful. Highly recommend.