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Missing the Clancy magic

The Teeth of the Tiger (Jack Ryan, Jr., #1) - Tom Clancy

I didn't realise how much I would miss Jack Ryan Senior until he wasn't in the books anymore...

I fully appreciate that Clancy had to move into the more modern world of terrorism and also that old Jack, or Big Jack, was getting old, and it may have been time to replace him with the new generation which of course included his son, Little Jack, Jack Ryan Junior but unfortunately I couldn't help but feel this was missing some of that old Clancy magic...

It may have been because for most of the way through the book I didn't realise that the story would be picked up in another, and this was just the beginning for Junior, Brian and Dom. I knew there were other books, I even own one (its in my to-read pile) but I didn't know it would be a 'carry-on' unlike the other Clancy I've read, which use the same characters but each storyline is wrapped up at the end. That could have been why I didn't feel like this book was getting places very quickly.

However, I see the potential and I have always enjoyed Clancy's writing. It's time for me to let go of my old favourite characters and embrace the new! I will persevere with Dead or Alive and see how it goes.