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How to live in the woods and think about it

Walden - Henry David Thoreau

So I picked up Walden after coming across it while researching an ecology essay for a subject I did called A History Of Nature. And look, I really wanted to love it. But unfortunately, and it always feels unfortunate when my hopes are unfulfilled, I only just kinda liked it. I appreciated it - most of it - but got a bit bogged down in all the philosophical discussion and particularly the opening chapter, 'Economy'. I knew he was setting it up and taking us on his journey, but it was still a bit dull.

It got more interesting when he was finally out in the woods and talking about the people he would meet and the animals and the environment he lived in. I kept picturing Walden Pond as an actual pond so couldn't quite make sense of what he meant until I saw the diagram and realised it was actually more like a lake!

Funnily enough, I especially enjoyed the 'Conclusion'. It made me want to go out and 'explore my own higher latitudes' and did leave me with some thoughts to turn over in my own mind.