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Lorien stories that aren't about Four!

The Legacies - Pittacus Lore

It was so refreshing to read Lorien stories that weren't from John's perspective at all! I did enjoy reading these stories as I'm so intrigued by Loric-Mogadorian fight and I felt this was a fitting companion to expand on the individual stories of the rest of the Garde, other than what we have gained from the series itself. Note that this book, though set before the main series, is best read after reading the previous books (#1 - #3) that were published before this one, mainly as the author doesn't explain anything about the Garde, the Loric or their fight with the 'Mogs', which I was glad of.

What I was not glad about was "Pittacus Lore" (we all know it's you, James Frey!) and his ridiculous attempts to add romance/love stories/possible love stories/even just crushes to every single backstory (or current - but that's another review!). It. Is. Just. Not. Necessary. I understand the lure of human relationships, even friendships or connections, but guys, c'mon. YOU ARE IN MORTAL DANGER. I can maybe understand One, she had no idea just how much danger she was in. But Nine? Really? Guys how about the protection of our races? Clearly both humans and the Loric are in trouble, why don't you do what you were sent here for and keep yourselves alive? Don't argue that you're only human - because you're not. You are supposed to be more than that! Pull your heads in!

That being said, Adam the Mog was quite an interesting character. A bit of a speed through of the find and murder of Two and Three, but interesting to see it through the eyes of a character not yet encountered this way. Looking forward to seeing more of that! (And less of John...)