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The Silver Brumby's kingdom is magical, even without him

Moon Filly - Elyne Mitchell

Elyne Mitchell has a wonderful way of bringing to life the magical Victorian high country in the minds of those who have never seen it, and causing those who have (such as myself) to recall fond memories of the bush. The imagery she creates means that you never have time to ponder upon the fact that in this entire novel, revolving around the two beautiful brumbies (wild Australian horses, to the uninformed) Wurring and Ilinga, there is no dialogue. Despite this fact, the reader is still able to connect to the horses and their story, their journey to find each other again.

I felt like I could feel the emotion through the pages and yet it never seemed as if Mitchell had anthropomorphized these creatures, which is an easy mistake to make in any fiction where animals are the main characters, and still create a believable story.

The Silver Brumby stories are Australian favourites for a reason. I highly recommend.