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The Fall of Five - Pittacus Lore

So we re-enter the hectic world that is the Loric's fight to save humanity from the Mogadorians. The remaining Loric are reunited with the exception of Five, who they are trying desperately to find.

I have made no secret of the fact that I can't stand Number Four/John Smith. The good thing about the alternate perspectives is I don't have to read a whole book of Four's blathering about how much he loves Sarah but oh no he kissed Six and he thinks he's a reincarnation of Pittacus Lore and blah blah blah. Seven/Marina is the voice of reason and I enjoy her view. Sam, as one of the only humans in the groups, also provides a different insight which I did think was interesting but he also had a lot of rubbish in his head too.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy this latest installment and JUST QUICKLY I never thought that these books would be able to surprise me but they did! And now I'm looking forward to the next one way more than I thought I would! But also I should mention that I left this book at work and didn't pick it up for a week, read about three other books in between and didn't really miss it so that's why this is only getting three stars.