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Reboot - Amy Tintera

I received Reboot in a book pack from Allen & Unwin. I'm not sure this is something I would have normally picked up if it wasn't given to me. So I opened it with not very high expectations. And maybe it's because my expectations weren't very high to start with, but I really did enjoy this.

It was the action storyline that really hooked my interest as opposed to the romance. It was all go go go right from the first chapter. I thought Awesome. This is what an action novel should be. Bit of guts, bit of gore, from Reboot One-seventy-eight, or Wren, who is a badass soldier working for HARC, going on assignment to capture criminals and training new Reboots. Everything starts to change for her when she meets Callum, Reboot Twenty-two, who is not ready to let go of his human life. Of course, what follows is what seems to be the standard YA romance, found in most other YA novels (pretty much over it, to be honest!), but I actually did find it kind of sweet. It's meeting and training Callum that causes Wren's humanity to begin to return and she starts to question the orders she has followed for the last five years. I thought that this part of her character development, though good, happened really quick. The higher your number, the less human qualities you are supposed to retain. So how did Wren turn around so fast?

I thought about this and decided that due to a few different factors, this may be possible. If we consider that:
1 - it is possible that the numbers actually mean very little, other than the time taken to Reboot, and the affect on humanity is actually an idea created by the HARC
2 - it is also possible that as Wren had never trained such a low number before she had never really been exposed to human feelings and emotions since her death 5 years before
3 - in going along with point 2, she may have had it in her the whole time and just needed a little push in the right direction

Just a few ideas. I'm very curious as to whether this will be something explored in the further books which I am now very interested to read! This particular type of dystopian world is new to me and I'm very intrigued as to where this is going to go.

3.75 stars