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12 - James Phelan

I don't love these books exactly and I am a little beyond the readership, but I feel like I'm committed now to the series and I may as well see it through. If the writing wasn't so immature I might like them more but honestly I fly through them so quickly it's not that bad of an issue.

The last time we saw Sam, he was face to face with Solaris fighting for his life. It's not much of a surprise that he manages to get away with the Star of Egypt and continue following the dream sequences which come to him as he sleeps. It has fallen to Sam to track down the rest of The Last 13 as they appear to him in his dreams, a journey that in this book sends him from New York to Egypt to Rome, escaping enemies and relying on the help of friends as he goes.

This book will appeal to young readers who don't like much 'filler' - a lot is happening quite quickly and it's all a bit go, go, go which is good I guess but I prefer a little more fleshing out in the books I read.

Still, onward! On to the next one.