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World After  - Susan Ee

The best part about reading Angelfall so long after everyone else seemed to have read it was that I didn't have as long to wait for book 2, World After. The problem with reading World After so soon after release is the agonizing wait for book 3...

But I'm very glad that there will be a book 3. And a book 4 and a book 5. I am in love with the characters: smart, strong Penryn; the angel Raffe and brave Paige, once wheelchair bound and now some sort of machine. They have been crafted and developed flawlessly, poised to save the world from further destruction by the angel invasion. Infused with humour and a dash of forbidden romance (how is it going to work?!), this is the type of angel fiction I have been waiting for. As well as a cast of very interesting supporting characters - namely Penryn and Paige's crazy mother and the twins, Dee and Dum - it all makes for an appealing series. I never have any idea where the story is about to go. I knew that Raffe would show up again sooner or later, but other than that I am being taken on a ride where I can't see around the corner. And I'm loving it.

The wait is on. Come on, book 3!