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United We Spy - Ally Carter

The Great Gallagher Girls Reread/Read

I have arrived. The last one. I am so much more emotionally attached to characters like these ones who have been with me for so long than to characters from stand alone novels. I have watched these girls grow and mature from giggly sophomores to seasoned operatives in their senior year. I have laughed with them, cried with them, and now I have to let them go. I always knew I would. I just never imagined it would be so hard.

Cammie has recovered from her subconscious a list of very important names identifying the key players in the Inner Circle of the Circle of Cavan. They are very close to taking them down and ending it all. But there are other people who want that list from here. Who will stop at nothing to get it.

There was a point of this book that reminded me of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Cammie and her roommates along with Zach leave the Gallagher Academy on a dangerous quest and return for a final showdown. But I believe this book stands on its own merits too.

United We Spy is a fitting title for this novel and perfectly describes how our team stands: together. They are a united front against the wrongs, the evil being committed against the world. The girls are just as tough and just as smart as any boy and can hold their own against the men and also the crazy ex-Gallagher Girl after them. I can't help but feel a bit proud of who they are and how far they've come. I love their friendships, their sisterhood and how they will do anything to protect each other. And while I love Zach, and I love him with Cammie, he is not as important to the overall theme of friendship and sisterhood so central to this story.

This sixth and final Gallagher Girls story is another action packed adventure that I have come to expect from Ally Carter. There were a couple of things I picked from the start, but there was more I didn't expect. I cried watching my Gallagher Girls graduate and reading Liz's perfect speech.

I felt like a Gallagher Girl.

And Gallagher Girls are forever.