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Only the Good Spy Young   - Ally Carter

The Great Gallagher Girls Reread

Life is getting a whole lot more dangerous for Cammie Morgan.

An ancient terrorist organisation who recruits young spies as double agents is after her. She doesn't know why and neither does anyone else - or if they do, they're not saying. But they need her alive. Cammie doesn't know who to trust or where to go from here. She knows its up to her to find out the truth, but she's not entirely alone. Her roommates are ready to help her spy, hack and steal their way closer to the truth. And then there's Zach, who is hiding a whole lot of secrets himself. It seems everybody is.

Another great installment in the Gallagher Girls series. A favourite teacher has been exposed as a double-agent, a teacher with very powerful secrets regarding Cammie's father. This is the storyline that I'm dying to find out more about. I want to know how he went missing and why and where is he actually? (I'm not buying the line that he's dead). And Cammie's connection - what do the mysterious Circle of Cavan want from her? I'm still not sure what they actually do. The suspense is killing me (how did I ever put this series down?) so I'm thinking myself lucky I have the other two books beside me. I'm really keen to find out where the story's going to go.

And now after this point it is no longer a 'Gallagher Girls Reread' but simply a 'Gallagher Girl Read'. I've reached the point where I last stopped!