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Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover  - Ally Carter

The Great Gallagher Girls Reread

The stakes are getting higher for Cammie and the other Gallagher Girls in Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover. Suddenly life is a whole lot more complicated than spying on cute boys and training for upcoming CoveOps assignments when Macey and Cammie get caught in a kidnapping attempt. Zach seems to turn up everywhere Cammie is (and even where she's not supposed to be!) and she doesn't know what's going on. But her spy instincts won't let her take no for an answer.

Unfortunately for Cammie, she's starting to find out firsthand just how many secrets there are hidden in her world and not all of them she can know. Cammie is oblivious to the danger surrounding her in this book and continues to bend the rules. Considering her upbringing and her training, I completely understand this. She had received no information she was in any danger (mistake!) and when she needed answers, she tried to find them herself. The decision to sneak out of the school with Macey seemed silly when it was thought Macey was the one in danger - but just try telling two spies-in-training that they can't do something everyone else is doing! Their actions, though something I would normally roll my eyes at and say 'stupid!', were completely in character.

It also seems that nobody gives these Gallagher Girls enough credit. "We know where Macey is." "No you don't, let us handle it." And who finds Macey? The girls who know her better than anyone else! Silly adults. And they're the ones who trained them!

Another enjoyable read from Ally Carter's fantastic Gallagher Girls. Already got the next one beside me, keen to know where they go from here!