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Lady Chatterley's Lover - D.H. Lawrence, Laura Bonds

I knew, before reading this book, that Lady Chatterley's Lover had a scandalous history, so I figured it must get pretty hot and heavy. But I didn't expect the eloquent, elegant authorship of this book, even including those scandalous sex scenes that caused so much trouble for Lawrence.

I was a little bit in awe of Lawrence's writing, but not as much by the story as I wanted to be. Because yes, there is a story around the sex. Lady Chatterley's husband Sir Clifford is a war cripple and the couple have no children. The utter boringness and 'self-importance' of Sir Clifford drives Connie into the arms of other men, which he doesn't really seem to mind as long as its tasteful and he gets an heir which he will then raise as his own. BUT this does not apply to the gamekeeper Oliver Mellors, who Connie inexplicably falls in love with after a couple of stilted conversations and a few sexual encounters she doesn't really get much out of (at least to start with). I didn't really see the attraction, but, y'know, each to their own.

It seemed like there should have been more to this story and especially to the end, but after the building to the climax (pun not intended) it just sort of petered away into a half-hearted ending. By that point, I was expecting more from it. Still wasn't too bad of a read to see what caused all the fuss.