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I already know this review will make no sense.

The Quiet American - Graham Greene, Robert Stone

But here you go, you can have it anyway.


It's not often I close a book and have absolutely no idea what to put in my review. I thought this novel was pretty close to brilliant, but I feel like - I don't know - there's more to this than I even understand. I know what happened and I could tell you, but as to the deeper intellectual issues, I think it will take me longer to work through. A re-read will be in order in the future, most definitely, but for enjoyment as well as for understanding.

It's a heavy novella. There is a lot going on in the 189 pages. I had no idea what to expect, at all, when I opened it (I do that sometimes, without reading the blurb, it's exciting!) and I guess I'm setting myself up to be surprised that way. I feel like I'm making no sense already.

I feel affected by this book and I can't even explain why.