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Shadowmancer (Shadowmancer, Bk 1) - G. P. Taylor

Finally I have made it to the end of these 300 pages of poorly written junk. I picked this book off my boyfriend's bookshelf to read and I wish I'd just left it there. The only thing that got me through was the thought of writing a scathing review at the end, because I can't say I ever expected it to get better. In no way dd I believe this to be 'the biggest event in children's fiction since Harry Potter', no matter what The Times says.

What a load of religious nonsense. Clearly, if you believe what Taylor has written, there is only one right religion in the world and all others are associated with the devil, or Pyratheon as he is known in this book. What a way to encourage acceptance of other people and religions.

As well as the subject being what it was, the plotline was jumpy and the characters unrelatable and unlikeable. I was absolutely sick and tired of Kate, Thomas and Raphah by about halfway through the book - and they were meant to be the heroes! The writer picked up different threads of the story and dropped them just as quickly without so much as a second mention. Kate and Thomas, who seemed extremely immature on first introduction, were all of a sudden all grown up when the plot required them to be, but without a trigger or a cause.

The author is a talented writer and can spin interesting imagery, however the dialogue was sloppy and the plotline needed a lot of work.

I can't help but feel this book was a waste of my time and I wish I could be the type of person who can put books down after they've started them!