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Keeping your mouth shut is harder than it seems

Speechless - Hannah Harrington

A really interesting story about a girl who can't keep a secret, and how this flaw in her yielded disastrous results - and how she redeemed herself. Chelsea Knot is your average popular, unlikeable character in the beginning in the story, and yes I'll admit I thought she was quite unbearable for a while into the story. Although she does feel bad for what happened, she is more upset by the fact that she's lost her popular (and mean and shallow and horrible) friends. She only cares about how her actions have affected her, not the people around her.

But then, slowly, cautiously, we see her character develop. Not all at once (which would have been unbelievable) but by degrees, through her non-speaking pledge and with the help of her new friends who really help her to put things in perspective. I was also pleasantly surprised how she used her first words again and was extremely glad they weren't spoken lightly. It is here it was really apparent to me how Chelsea changed and developed, she was able to do something she was always too scared to.

Another great novel from Hannah Harrington, after Saving June and Speechless, I'm definitely looking forward to another!