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The Fellowship of the Ring  - J.R.R. Tolkien

Having just watched the Fellowship movie for the first time and read the books for the second time I will have to be careful not to confuse the two for this review!

I first read the Lord of the Rings trilogy at 12 years of age, and now at 19 I found that I couldn't remember anything other than the vague plot. So after buying copies of The Silmarillion and The Hobbit I decided it was time for a mass Tolkien read/reread. I am so glad I did!

All those years ago I remember that I did enjoy Lord of the Rings, even if some of it I may have struggled through, I did enjoy the plot. And I found, all these years later, I enjoyed it even more and had to update my Goodreads rating.

Tolkien is a master at weaving this epic story in his beautiful, well developed fantasy world. The tale is lacking in nothing - it has depth, it has character development, it has an intricate history upon which its story is set. I have nothing bad to say about Tolkien's work - only that there is not enough of it!

The Fellowship was full of excitement and adventure and everything that is needed to make the introduction to the Lord of the Rings fantastic and set up for the rest of the journey that the reader takes with Frodo and the rest of the Fellowship - who are no less important or integral to the story than Frodo. They all have an important part to play in the fight against evil.

Here's to one of the greatest good vs evil epics ever written.