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Divergent - Veronica Roth

What did I think, what did I think...

I think that I LOVED this book almost as soon as I started to reading. I was drawn to the characters, not just Tris (who I place up there with Katniss as best female characters), but with Four/Tobias, Christina, Will..even Eric and Peter intrigued me. I loved the feeling of anticipation, you could feel something building. You could tell something big was about to go down and there was a reason this story was being told.

And it was told in such a compelling way that I was flipping the pages so fast there, especially towards the end, and if it wasn't 11 PM I would be out buying the next one. Because I can't let this go!

Tris was...is...an awesome, awesome female character - one of the type which I find is lacking in many YA novels. She is a badass, she is strong - but she is also flawed and she is also still human who is compassionate but can also be selfish. I think its an important trait in fictional characters, as it would be so easy to create them to be perfect because they don't exist, they're not real. But Tris felt real to me, as did her mother, and Tobias, Christina, Will, even Al. They felt like people you might know. Ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. Some are able to rise to the occasion, some not.

Looking forward to going out to buy my copy of Insurgent tomorrow!