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Sweet Damage - Rebecca James

Sweet Damage - Rebecca James

So it's the middle of exam preparation. Haven't been reading heaps, just a little bit to help me unwind. Yesterday I picked up this book, read maybe four (very short) chapters in my study breaks. That night after I'd had enough of studying for the day, I told myself I'd read for half an hour and then have an early night.

Two and a half hours later, I was closing the book after reading the last page, completely unaware of how much time had gone by. I had just kept flipping the pages, the story reeling me in, until I couldn't stop until I knew what happened. The writing wasn't fantastic, but I enjoyed the setting (Manly!) and the characters, who seemed very real. Tim's your typical Aussie bloke, who doesn't really know what he wants to do with his life, happy to surf morning and work nights; Anna has agoraphobia, and is sad and mysterious; and Lilla, well, everyone knows a girl like Lilla. Brash, over the top, can make you feel extremely uncomfortable as she's prods at you with her words, pretending not to notice she's being inappropriate.

I was rooting for Tim and Anna almost from the start, then I had the thought that maybe Anna was actually a psycho and would end up killing Tim, then I wondered if maybe she would kill herself? I had all these different theories but I tried to convince myself not to get too attached because I felt like something would happen to one of them. But I couldn't pick which direction it was going to go until it had happened or a page or a paragraph before it happened. That makes for a great read.

The only thing was, by the end there were still a few loose ends that didn't quite tie in - although most of it did quite nicely. There was just a couple of things that happened that weren't explained, unless we were supposed to assume the outcome.

A fast paced read, quite clever, not exactly the 'chilling and nail-biting suspenseful storytelling' as promised on the cover but still an enjoyable book.