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First post!

I'd been debating for a few months now whether I should join Booklikes. I have my Goodreads, which I do love still despite that whole mess that's been going on, and I have a LibraryThing where I catalog the books I own. I regularly submit reviews on Random Buzzers. I thought I had the whole books-social-media thing covered. But I can't help it - as a Tumblr user I was drawn to Booklikes. I like the layout, the blog style, the ease of use. And maybe it's also because I should be studying for exams but am instead letting myself be distracted by everything and anything. Anyway. Here I am.

I may not be an overly active user until exams are done, but thats less than a week away and I'm looking forward to integrating my books and reviews and ratings into Booklikes, and getting involved with the community and finding some more blogs to follow.


Feel free to connect with me here or on Goodreads (just ask), I love to read and to talk about books!